Aquarius, our 2023 flagship was named after the water bearing constellation, a testament to its design that delivers 11 pounds of water payload towards achieving mission performance. This semi-tapered mid wing aircraft flies at a cruising speed of 42 ft/s. The Powered Autonomous Delivery Aircraft (PADA) that is deployed from the primary aircraft delivers parts for a fully autonomous Ground Transport Vehicle.


Trident, the 2022 flagship, is an electric mid-wing aircraft with a single motor. It can carry 40 lbs at a cruise speed of 43 ft/s. Its advanced avionics allow for autonomous mid-air deployment of a secondary aircraft equipped with lidar-operated Ground Terrain Vehicle (GTV). The GTV provides ground-level assistance to firefighters. Trident achieved a global ranking of 3rd place in combating wildfires.


Vulcan is our 2021 flagship designed with a combination of hard work and creativity. Vulcan had enabled the team to brag 1st position in the whole of Asia as well as in the technical design report that was submitted. Globally it is ranked 5th in the competition even though the Covid-19 pandemic caused various other challenges.


Airavat is the 2020 flagship of the Team Assailing Falcons which is an electric motor propelled, high wing aircraft with a tricycle landing gear, capable of lifting 38 pounds at a cruise velocity of 43ft/s. The aircraft is also capable of releasing two autonomously guided colonist delivery aircraft along with multiple supply payloads. It is ranked 3rd globally.


Redbird is the flagship of 2019 designed to simulate the colonization of Mars. In addition, Hoerner Wingtips and a lifting body fuselage increased the aircraft's aerodynamics and subsequently payload lifting capacity that led the team to achieve worldwide 4th position and defend 1st position in Asia-Pacific in the Advanced Class category of SAE Aero Design.


Zephyrus is indeed the majestic advanced class aircraft that definitely lives up to its name - The Greek god of winds. Its improved lift and payload dropping capacity of aircraft helped the team secure worldwide 6th position, back then the best position in the Asia/Pacific region at the SAE Aero Design East Competition 2018, which is by far, the best position of the team.


Jetaayu is the 2017 flagship of the Team Assailing Falcons. The aircraft can be modified for weather analysis and thermal imaging. In SAE EAST Aero Design Competition, Jetaayu secured an overall world ranking of 7. It also helped the team secure an overall 3rd ranking in the Indian Space Conclave 2017 competition held by SEDS VIT.